Why your golf clubs are safer with GOLFDROP

Why your golf clubs are safer with GOLFDROP

Whether you’re a casual golfer or a pro, sending your clubs ahead of time with GOLFDROP when you’re planning on playing abroad is a no brainer. You won’t have to lug your golf bag around with you, or worry about paying extra for hold luggage and transport for your bags. More importantly, you won’t have to worry about losing your clubs on the way, either!

There are three main reasons your golf clubs are safer with GOLFDROP. Let’s take a look at the benefits of our service:

You can track your package

Just like when you track a delivery online, you can track the progress of your golf clubs after you’ve dropped them off at your local access point by using the tracking ID created from your order. Simply add the tracking ID to our live tracking page, and up-to-date information along with maps will be available. This information can also be shared with fellow golfers.

Peace of mind

We want our service to give customers peace of mind that their favourite clubs will be well looked after, and being able to easily monitor how far along the journey your bags are is a big part of this. In the unlikely event that your equipment is lost somewhere along the way, your tracking number can also help us to recover it.

In the highly unlikely event that your bag is lost, it may have been either misplaced in a depot along the delivery route or delivered to the wrong address. In both cases, the tracking number enables us to work with the courier to find the package so it can be recovered and returned to you.


We want you to feel confident in our service and secure in the knowledge that your clubs are protected during transit, so we include complimentary insurance cover on all our services.

You can increase your insurance cover up to £2,500 for additional cost (just select the cover at checkout). You won’t find insurance cover like that from an airline, and trying to prove that airline staff damaged your equipment is another headache you could probably do without!

Your insurance will cover against loss, theft and damage. If you already have an existing policy in place, or if you simply don’t require our insurance, please select the ‘No insurance required’ option during checkout. Insurance documentation will be supplied after your booking is paid for and confirmed.

Extra shipment protection

In the unlikely event that your equipment is misplaced or doesn’t turn up to your destination before you do, we will pay for your rental clubs when using our express service.

GOLFDROP was developed based on our own personal traveling experiences, so naturally we want to make sure our service covers all bases. Using GOLFDROP is cheaper than travelling with your clubs via plane, and shipping is currently available to 35 000 European destinations, with more being added every day.

GOLFDROP offers a standard and an express service. The express service will get your clubs to over 80% of destinations across Europe the next working day. You can check our target transit times here, along with a list of other destinations we’ll be able to deliver to later in 2019.  As soon as your clubs have arrived at their destination you will receive a confirmation email (and SMS if selected).

Head to our homepage to start experiencing the benefits of hassle free travel!