8 Holes with Michael Vaughan OBE


Former England Cricket captain Michael Vaughan who lead England to victory in the 2005 Ashes, is now retired from the sport and can now usually be found out on a golf course. We managed to catch up with him for eight holes.

  1. Who’s your sporting hero?
    Georgie Best
  2. If you could choose your perfect 4ball to play a round with – which three people would you want to play with and why?
    Tiger Woods, Sir Alex Ferguson and Kylie Minogue, need I say more?
  3. Favourite place to tour as a cricketer?
    My favourite place is Barbados so much so that I have invested in a property on a fantastic Golf Course out there.
  4. Which place did you most look forward to travelling to for cricket … because the golf courses were good!
    After a day at a demanding test match getting out on to a nearby course is a great form of stress relief. My favourite place would be New Zealand as it has some fantastic courses such as Cape Kidnappers and the views aren’t too bad either.
  5. Who’s the best cricketer you have played golf with?
    The fantastic Ricky Ponting
  6. If you were a pro golfer, who would you choose to caddie for you?
    It would have to be My Pal – as a caddie must have some banter.
  7. If you had your time again and could choose either, would you be a cricketer or a golfer?
    Neither… I would be a footballer for the mighty Sheffield Wednesday.
  8. Which is better… Caddieshack or Happy Gilmore?
    Hands down, Happy Gilmore