GOLFDROP’s guide to travelling with your golf bag

Golf bag travel tips

Golf gives us a great excuse to get outdoors and take in some fantastic scenery in unique destinations all over the world. Unfortunately, if you’ve had any experience golfing internationally you’ll know that travelling with your golf bag and getting all your equipment there and back can be a drag. You have to rely on airlines not to lose your luggage and generally need to pay extortionate fees even if your bag does end up in the right place.

If you’re new to international golf and haven’t travelled with your golf clubs before, our experienced team has put together a few points to consider before you travel, which should help you avoid some of the common headaches associated with international golf. And remember, if it all sounds like a bit much just contact us directly, we’re here to help!

Carrying large amounts of luggage

Firstly, there’s the obvious issue of fitting these potentially unwieldy items into a car or taxi, or just dragging them with you everywhere you go. Your clubs can easily get damaged, and if you’re flying you might have to rely on airline staff not to throw your stuff around. Make sure you’ve got a decent quality golf bag. If your bag isn’t holding your clubs securely you could using some packing material to provide some extra cushioning, or head to our shop if you’re considering a new one.

There are also plenty of opportunities to lose your favourite clubs whilst travelling with your golf bag, and carrying large, expensive items can make you a target for crime in some places. Our service includes QR tags to help locate lost bags, as well as optional GPS bag tracking for ultimate peace of mind.

GPS bag tracker

GPS bag trackers, such as our GOLFDROP tracker, offer ultimate peace of mind whilst travelling with your clubs

Some travellers secure their bags with padlocks for extra security. Whilst this is not a bad idea, in our experience we would recommend cable ties, which are a bit easier for airline security to remove should they need to inspect the contents of your bag.

Airline charges

It’s hard to keep up with what airlines are charging for extra luggage at the moment, or what their policies are when it comes to hand luggage. At times it can feel like you need to hire a detective just to find out whether you’re going to incur extra charges.

This lack of transparency is part of the business model for many airlines, with the aim of the game being to catch out unsuspecting holiday goers when it’s too late and they’re already at the airport with all their luggage. Add this to the other potential stresses of air travel and this can quickly become a very stressful way to kick off your trip.

Do your research before you travel. Prices and rules covering sporting baggage change regularly, at the time of writing Ryanair and Jet2 charge a minimum of £35 each way for the pleasure of taking your clubs with you and we would definitely recommend insurance if you’re planning to fly with your equipment–around an additional £60 with these airlines.

Know the size of your golf bag

Another important thing to consider is the size and weight of your golf bag. These seemingly small details can have a huge impact on the cost of your trip. Airlines are famously finicky over the dimensions of both hold and carry-on baggage, so you’ll need to measure accurately to avoid any further charges. If you’re planning to travel with your bag you should also think about how you’ll carry it. Depending on your destination, dragging your bag halfway around the world can be exhausting. All the more reason to consider travelling bag-free.

Who do you trust with your clubs?

If you’re travelling by air there’s the potential problem of baggage handlers not treating your golf clubs like the valuable items they are. There’s plenty of information out there with all kinds of advice for packing your equipment for travel, from golf club protection devices to making sure you take as few flights as possible… but there has to be an easier alternative.

Trust your golf bag with a specialist

A far better option than travelling with your golf bag is to trust your clubs with a specialist – GOLFDROP. GOLFDROP take the hassle out of international golf by shipping your bag direct to over 35 000 clubs and hotels ahead of time, so they’re waiting for you when you arrive. We also offer insurance and, with our excess service, free club rental at your destination if your bag doesn’t arrive, all at less than the cost of taking additional baggage on your flight with you. Simply head to our website and follow the instructions to find out more.

GOLFDROP can pick up your clubs from anywhere in Europe, whether it’s your home, office, hotel or golf course. You also have the option to drop off your bag at any of our access points–whatever’s easier for you. As soon as your clubs have arrived at their destination you will receive a confirmation email (and SMS if selected). Visit our website today and experience the benefits of hassle free travel!