GOLFDROP’s 3 favourite golfing destinations in Europe

Terre Blanche

Travelling internationally with your golf bags used to be a hassle, especially if you were flying. Excess baggage charges and the risk of your clubs never actually arriving at your destination often made trips a lot more frustrating than they should have been.

Thanks to GOLFDROP, you no longer need to drag your golf bag through the airport, or rely on airlines to look after it properly.

All you need to do is register on our site–which takes no longer than 5 minutes–and follow the instructions. GOLFDROP can collect your clubs from anywhere in Europe, whether it’s your home, office or golf course. You also have the option to drop off your bag at any of our access points–whatever’s easier for you.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at 3 of our favourite luxury destinations that you could enjoy a hassle-free trip to using our service.

Terre Blanche Hotel Spa Golf Resort (France)

Boasting a 4.5 rating on TripAdvisor, Terre Blanche is a luxury hotel, spa and golf resort set in the Côte d’Azur countryside, surrounded by medieval villages and nestled in the picturesque rolling French landscape. This is not a budget getaway–previous owners include actual James Bond (Sean Connery), and it often plays host to the rich and famous. The views from the hotel itself are stunning, and there’s plenty to do, including making use of its two stunning 18-hole golf courses and world class practice range.

On a day off from the course you could play some tennis, take advantage of the incredible spa facilities and then enjoy one of the many dining options available near the resort’s stunning pool. There’s a relaxed mediterranean restaurant, the gourmet restaurant Le Faventia, which offers fine dining with local produce, and Le Gaudina, which offers an experience somewhere in between the two.

You might not feel inclined to leave the resort during your stay, but if you do there’s plenty of interesting things to do in the surrounding area, such as taking a visit to a local wine chateau or checking out one of the many markets in Provence. And all this within a 45 minute drive from Nice airport!

San Domenico Golf (Italy)

Many a golfer would say that the top courses in Italy are to be found around the more industrialised regions of the north, such as Turin, Milan or near Venice in the east. San Domenico Golf changed that in 2003 when it was built in southern Italy in the Puglia region, near the town of Fasano. It’s known internationally as the location for the European Challenge Tour Grand Final, which has been held there every year since 2005.

San Domenico

The introductory video on their website does some justice to the stunning views across the ocean and its expertly laid out holes, but there’s nothing like visiting San Domenico yourself. Of course there’s also plenty to do when you’re not playing, including–as you might imagine–some fantastic Italian cuisine, a spa, gym, indoor pool and a bar if you fancy an appetiser before your evening meal. The beach is always irresistibly close to the golf course as well if you need a well deserved break.

Finca Cortesin Hotel Golf & Spa (Spain)

Located in the beautiful Andalucia region of Spain, Finca Cortesin Hotel opened for play in 2007 and has been wowing golf enthusiasts ever since. The course was designed by Cabell Robinson and has appeared on the European Tour three times, hosting the Volvo World Match Play in 2009, 2011 and 2012.

Finca Cortesin Hotel Golf & Spa

It is worth noting that, unlike the other two hotels we’ve featured, Finca Couresin only has six family-sized rooms. Children are welcome, but this is more of an adult-orientated hotel. When you’re not enjoying a hole or two, the resort is full of suites and private villas kitted out with antiques and beautiful decorations from all over the region.

There’s Michelin-starred Kabuki Raw, which you can visit for a taste of Mediterranean-Japanese fusion, sourcing its produce from sustainable fish and organic vegetables picked from the gardens of the hotel itself. There are no less than four pools, and plenty of other leisurely activities to do apart from swimming. It’s only a short distance from an even larger body of water–the Mediterranean sea–and the resort is set in a dramatic valley.

Start golfing internationally without the hassle today

France, Italy and Spain are just a few of the many destinations GOLFDROP can help you get your gear to safely. Serving over 35 000 destinations in Europe, you’re sure to discover some unforgettable golfing destinations using our service. Take a look at the others here on our website. Head over and start planning your dream trip today!