Everyone always has questions. So here at GOLFDROP we have tried to put together a conclusive list of questions and answers.

We are sure to have missed something – so feel free to email us or use our Contact Us form to ask us any questions.


What does GOLFDROP ship?

Golf clubs! Yes, that’s correct, all styles and sizes of golf bags. We request that golf bags are enclosed in a travel cover. If you don’t have a suitable travel cover, you can purchase one directly from GOLFDROP. These are available for a discounted rate at the checkout.

What services do GOLFDROP offer?

GOLFDROP provides a door-to-door delivery service for your golf clubs across the UK and Europe. We ship to over 35,000 destinations including golf clubs, golf courses and hotels – these can be found in our destination searches.

GOLFDROP provides delivery services at two different levels, Standard and Express. European Express services will ship your package(s) within 1-3 days, with Standard services starting from 3 days. For domestic travel, packages will be shipped on a next day service. 

For more information regarding the locations and timescales for delivery, please visit the ‘Drop Zone’ map.

How do I book?

Simply fill out the booking request, select the service you require and pay! We pride ourselves on efficiency. The booking process has been streamlined to ensure that the process is quick and simple. Any compulsory fields are highlighted.

If you are still struggling to complete the booking process, please feel free to email help@golfdrop.co.uk or speak to a member of our team using the chat service at the bottom of your screen.  

What destinations do you ship to?

We currently ship to over 35,000 destinations throughout Europe and the UK, so we are sure to have your trip covered!  Sadly, we do have some exceptions due to import/export regulations. If you feel your destination club is missing, please feel free to email us at help@golfdrop.co.uk or speak to a member of our team using the chat service at the bottom of your screen and we will investigate the possibility of shipping to your desired destination.  

Can I ship my suitcase(s) and other luggage?

Unfortunately, no. We are a specialist service dedicated to the needs of golfers. As a result, we have created relationships and agreements with golf clubs and hotels across Europe to receive (and arrange the return) of your golf equipment. Quite simply, many of the clubs will not engage with the idea of handling people’s personal luggage too. 

However that said, there is nothing stopping you from including personal items such as clothing, golf shoes etc in your travel cover. Many of our customers elect to do this and travel solely with hand luggage, which is great if you’re flying! Just be aware of the 26kg weight limit. 

How far in advance do I need to book?

It’s always good to be organised 🙂 

We recommend booking at least a few days in advance to give yourself time to prepare your bag. Some routes have same-day collection available; however, in most cases we’d pick up the next day. If you are in a hurry, there is always the option to use a local Drop Off Point.

What do I do if I want to ship more than eight bags?

If you are wanting to ship more than eight bags to your destination then you will need to speak to a member of the GOLFDROP team who can arrange your shipment – please email help@golfdrop.co.uk or use the online chat service for any assistance.

If I have more than one bag can I have different levels of insurance?

Unfortunately no. The insurance that you choose during the booking process will cover all the bags included in your shipment.


What happens when I have completed the booking process?

Once you have completed a booking you will receive a booking confirmation email containing your payment receipt. This confirmation will have the full details of your shipment – please ensure that you read this email carefully. If there are any mistakes then contact a member of the GOLFDROP team as soon as possible either via email or through our online chat service.  

Your shipping labels will be sent to you within 14 days of your chosen destination arrival date. You will also receive reminder emails until the expected shipment date to ensure you have packaged your clubs, the parcel is labelled and ready for collection (or drop off). If you do not think the email has arrived, please ensure you check your junk/spam folders.

If you are a new customer to GOLFDROP, we’ll set up your account and you’ll receive a welcome email containing your login and password information. On your account, you will be able to view and access your labels for any upcoming shipments.

Can I add insurance cover?

At the checkout you will be prompted to select the appropriate level of insurance cover for your clubs – this will cover your sports equipment against loss, theft and damage. If you already have an existing policy and do not wish to purchase the offered insurance, then please select the ‘NO INSURANCE REQUIRED’. Please note without purchasing additional cover, shipments are insured to £60.

Please note that if you have chosen to purchase additional insurance on your shipment then your travel cover must be locked.

I wish to cancel an order, how do I do it?

If you wish to cancel an order then please contact a member of the GOLFDROP team as soon as possible. Please check our Terms and Conditions policy to establish whether you are applicable to receive a refund or not.  


What payment methods do you accept?

GOLFDROP accepts all major credit cards – including MasterCard, VISA and American Express. You can choose whether to use our secure payment provider (Stripe) or your own PayPal account.  

Does GOLFDROP retain credit/debit card details?

No payment information is held by GOLFDROP. We use Stripe and PayPal for our online payment processing. Any financial data is held by Stripe and PayPal, we do not store bank details.  

When is payment taken?

Payment is taken on completion of the booking process. However, depending on your bank, the transaction may take a few days to show on your statement. If you believe there has been a problem with the payment, please contact a member of the GOLFDROP team via email: help@golfdrop.co.uk with your booking reference number.

Should I be expecting any additional fees or charges?

There are no unexpected or surprising additional fees or charges when booking with GOLFDROP. You may only incur a fee or charge if your bag exceeds the maximum outlined dimensions, weight or contains a prohibited item/s. A list of the prohibited items and the maximum dimensions and weight can be found on our Packing Instructions.


What are the maximum dimensions and weights?

We have negotiated rates with our couriers to ensure that we can offer you the best possible prices. This means we had to establish maximum permitted weights and dimensions. You can “stuff” your bags to use as much or little of this allowance as you desire. However, if you exceed the permitted allowance, we cannot guarantee your shipment will not be delayed or incur additional charges. 

Golf travel covers should not exceed 26kg, 130cm x 40cm x 40cm

For further information, please check our packing instructions

How do I prepare my clubs for shipping?

Please ensure that your golf clubs are fully enclosed in a suitable golf travel cover. Do not try and ship your clubs in a normal carry bag or trolley bag with a rain cover as the courier will be unable to take the shipment and this will cause delays. Please ensure that you use adequate packing to pad out your club heads – bubble wrap and old towels work equally well!  

GOLFDROP supply a fantastic travel cover which is available in our shop and during checkout at a fantastically discounted price. The golf travel covers can be sent along with your label wallets to your home address prior to the shipment date.  

For further information, please check our packing instructions

Does the courier pack my bag?

No, you are entirely responsible for packing your own bag for both the outbound and inbound journeys as applicable. Please note that you should ensure that you have packed your bag correctly by referring to the packaging guidelines packing instructions before the courier arrives for collection.  

Do I print and attach the labels myself?

Yes please! Once you have downloaded your shipping labels, you will be responsible for securely fastening the labels to your golf travel cover. We strongly recommend that you print additional copies for all your journeys and include them inside your golf travel cover – the last thing you want at the end of your trip is to be scrambling around looking for a method to print your shipping labels. Where possible we will send you out appropriate shipping label pouches for you to attach to your golf travel cover. Please bear in mind that if you make a last-minute booking, then these pouches may not arrive before your bag’s collection or drop-off. 

Should I lock my bag?

We strongly advise locking your travel cover! However instead of using padlocks, we recommend using cable/zip ties. If customs wish to inspect your bag it will be opened by local agents and unlike some locking mechanisms, cable ties can be cut without the risk of damaging your bag .Any damage claims will be filled for repair unless the damage is deemed excessive.

If you have chosen to purchase additional insurance on your shipment then your travel cover must be locked.

What contents can I include in my bag?

Please only include the relevant golf equipment items in your bag. Unaccompanied baggage aviation laws strictly prohibit many items, similar to restrictions on regular airline flights. These include but are not restricted to pressurised containers (e.g. aerosols); all containers of liquids, pastes or gels of any type or size; firearms; batteries; high value items (e.g. paintings, jewellery); cash or other currency; etc. Please see our Packing Instructions for a longer list of examples. Please note that are carrier liability only covers items deemed as ‘Sporting Goods’. 

I have accidentally included a hazardous or restricted item?

If you do accidentally include restricted items in your bag, it is very likely these will be detected via x-ray by the handler. This will almost certainly result in a delay on the delivery of your items as your bag(s) will be pulled aside for a physical inspection.

Both GOLFDROP and our logistics partner will be alerted and will seek to resolve the issue. Depending on the nature of the problem and the country we are dealing with, there will very likely be a delay of an unpredictable number of days on the delivery of your items. Customs authorities are governed by the relevant country and cannot be influenced by GOLFDROP or our partners. Please be aware of this when packing your bag.

To remind yourself of our prohibited items – please see our Packing Instructions


What locations does GOLFDROP collect from?

We can collect from any address in the UK such as homes, offices, golf clubs and hotels. If you need to organise special arrangements, to ensure that the collection is completed, then please let the GOLFDROP team know so that we can make the courier aware.  

When completing the booking process – please use the ‘ADDITIONAL NOTES FOR COLLECTION DRIVER’ to specify any special requirements that the courier needs to be aware of such as gate codes, buzzer numbers, reception information etc. 

Why is the return pickup always from a GOLFDROP property?

As we are a specialist provider, return collections are limited to GOLFDROP properties. The reason for this is to ensure the safe return of your golf clubs- we work very closely to the registered properties to ensure that your GOLFDROP experience is 5*.  

What time will the collection take place?

Collections take place on business days between 0800-1800.  We define these as Monday to Friday, excluding local bank holidays.

Will I receive a call or text prior to my pick up?

You will not receive a call/text prior to the collection of your shipment. Your collection can take place at any time during your nominated collection day. In some instances, local depots or drivers may call ahead to confirm that there will be somebody at the address to ensure a trip to a remote address is not wasted – they may also call if they are uncertain about the collection address. It is important that a local number is provided for this purpose. If you need to reschedule your collection then please do not hesitate to contact a member of the GOLFDROP team who will be able to assist you in this matter.  

If you prefer, you can drop your bag off at a local drop off point which can be found by clicking here.

Can I change my pick up date, name, address, or phone number?

Yes, this may be possible – please contact a member of the GOLFDROP team as soon as possible to arrange this.  

You can reach us at help@golfdrop.co.uk or speak to a member of our team using the chat service at the bottom of your screen. 

Do I need to be present when my bag is collected?

Yes, if you cannot be present during the collection then you are able to nominate a family member, friend or third party (such as a receptionist or work colleague) to hand your shipment to the driver.  

On the return, please ensure you leave your bag at the agreed location within the GOLFDROP property, and that your bag is packed with return labels attached.

Why hasn’t my bag been collected?

If your bag has not been collected on the designated collection day, then please immediately contact a member of the GOLFDROP team via email help@golfdrop.co.uk or the online chat service. We will then contact the courier and arrange a new collection date.  

I want to drop-off my bag at a depot – how do I do that?

You can drop-off your shipment at a depot, station or local Drop Off Point instead of arranging a home collection. Please ensure that if you choose to drop off your clubs that you do this before 11am on the drop off date. To locate your nearest access point then please click here.

Do I leave my clubs where I picked them up?

Please pack your clubs back into their travel cover and clearly affix the return shipping label. You will then need to leave the bag with a member of staff at the location you have chosen for the clubs to be collected from. This member of staff can then pass the clubs to the driver collecting your clubs. 

If you are at all unsure, please do get in touch via the online chat service below and we’ll be able to confirm specifics for you, or alternatively email help@golfdrop.co.uk


How do I track my shipment?

You will receive an email which has your labels attached, shows your tracking number and will have your unique link to the courier’s tracking page. You can also head to the courier’s website and manually enter the tracking number seen on the email to check where your clubs are. 

You may receive email updates at various points during your shipment, such as when the package has left the final depot and when it is out for delivery.  


The tracking number is not working – what do I do?

Once your shipment has been collected it may take some time for the courier’s tracking system to update with the relevant information – please check again later.
If your parcel was collected over 24 hours ago and you still cannot track your shipment then please contact a member of the GOLFDROP  team via email help@golfdrop.co.uk or through the online chat service.

My bag has been tracked to a country that is not the final destination?

Usually when shipments are being sent long-distance through Europe they will pass through a variety of countries. Essentially there is no need to be concerned.  

For example, a shipment from the UK being sent to Spain will likely be transported through a depot in France.  

Why has my shipment stopped moving?

Bags are only moved by the courier during the working week (Monday – Friday), shipments are often stationary over the weekend but will then start moving again on Monday morning. Alternatively, there may be a problem with customs or delivery to the destination – GOLFDROP will be made aware of this and will resolve these issues as quickly as possible.  

Has my bag been delivered?

You’ll receive a tracking notification (SMS text message) to let you know that your clubs have arrived safely! 

How can I see where my luggage is?

To see where you luggage is during transit you will need to follow the UPS tracking link which will can be found on your emails.

You can also track your shipment by using a GOLFDROP GPS tracker which will provide live location information and will notify you on your bags arrival. GOLFDROP GPS trackers can be purchased from the GOLFDROP shop.


Why are my clubs damaged?

We’re so sorry your clubs haven’t received top quality TLC in transit!  If you could please snap a couple of photos of the injury and send those, along with a short description of the damage and your booking reference number via email to help@golfdrop.co.uk 

We’ll have a representative get in touch as soon as possible. 

Why are my clubs not at the destination?

We’re sorry your clubs weren’t where you expected them to be! Please do check your booking confirmation, there may be an alternative GOLFDROP drop off point for the property. 

If that’s not the case – please do get in touch via our online chat service below or by emailing help@golfdrop.co.uk 

Do I get my clubs from the hotel?

Once your clubs have been delivered, they’ll be ready for you to collect from the location chosen during the booking process. Please ensure that this is correct on your booking confirmation – if there are any issues then please do not hesitate to contact the GOLFDROP team who will be more than delighted to help at help@golfdrop.co.uk or via our online chat service. 

Do I need to contact my destination hotel or golf club?

No. GOLFDROP will communicate with your destination to make them aware of the shipments arrival.

All you need to do is ensure your clubs are correctly packed, for them to then get collected or dropped off so that you can sit back and look forward to your upcoming golf trip.

Why were my clubs delivered early?

If your clubs have been delivered early, this will be because the transit time was quicker then we had expected.

Is a signature required on delivery?

It’s up to you. During the booking process you can choose for a signature to be required on the return on page 4 ‘Extras’. The UPS to obtain the recipient’s signature on delivery will cost £5.

If you have any queries regarding signatures on deliveries then please do not hesitate to contact the GOLFDROP team via email help@golfdrop.co.uk or through the online web chat service.

My bag is showing as delivered but it isn’t – why?

We sincerely apologise for any confusion caused – please get in contact with the GOLFDROP team either via email help@golfdrop.co.uk or through the online web chat.


What is the GOLFDROP GPS Tracker?

The GOLFDROP GPS Tracker uses advanced GPS technology to accurately locate your bag, wherever it is in the world. Having a GOLFDROP GPS Tracker within your golf bag allows you to know the exact location of your golf clubs through real-time internet tracking along with SMS notifications which will keep you updated. This tracker is compact, safe to be packed as hold luggage, waterproof and has a long battery life so during your trip you can be safe in the knowledge that the tracker is unlikely to be damaged or run out of battery.

What is the difference between the BagTrakr tag and the GOLFDROP GPS Tracker?

The difference between the two trackers is that the GOLFDROP GPS Tracker is a real-time tracking device whereas the BagTrakr Tag is a way to aid reuniting lost luggage with its owner.

How does the GOLFDROP GPS Tracker work?

With the GOLFDROP GPS Tracker you have the security of being able to locate your luggage at any time. Working based on existing GSM/GPRS networks and GPS satellites, this product can locate and monitor any remote targets by SMS and Internet connection. It adopts the most advanced technology of GPS and AGPS dual positioning. All our trackers are ready to operate.

How do I see where my tracker is?

You can track your GOLFDROP GPS Tracker on the GOLFDROP website by going (whilst logged into your GOLFDROP account) to your trackers list. From there you will be able to click the ‘locate’ button which will take you to the Live GPS Tracking Location page. Here you will be able to see the location of your tracker along with its battery status. If you have any queries locating this page or cannot see your tracker then please contact a member of the GOLFDROP team by either using the online chat service below or via email to help@golfdrop.co.uk.

How is the GOLFDROP GPS Tracker powered?

The GOLFDROP GPS Tracker is battery powered and comes with a charging cable within the box. The battery can last for up to 60 days. When your tracker is low on battery you will receive a text to say that you need to charge your tracker.

What happens when my GOLFDROP GPS Tracker runs out of battery?

When your tracker has run out of battery you will be notified through your GOLFDROP account and via SMS. You can monitor your tracker’s battery by viewing your tracker’s details on your tracker’s list when logged in to your GOLFDROP account by clicking on the tracker’s details. If you have any queries locating this page or cannot see your tracker then please contact a member of the GOLFDROP team by either using the online chat service below or via email to help@golfdrop.co.uk.

How long will the battery last in the tracker?

The battery on the GOLFDROP GPS Tracker can last up to 60 days on standby.

Can I change the phone number where notifications are sent to?

Yes – once logged in to your GOLFDROP account, you will be able to designate a phone number to send notifications to via the Trackers tab on your account profile. If you have any queries locating this page or cannot see your tracker then please contact a member of the GOLFDROP team by either using the online chat service below or via email to help@golfdrop.co.uk.

What is a BagTrakr Tag?

A BagTrakr tag is a luggage tag which allows for finders of luggage to scan the unique QR code on the bag to notify the owner and be able to reunite them.  There is an option for the finder to receive a reward, which is organised be the owner of the luggage. Further BagTrakr tags can be purchased for the GOLFDROP shop.

Please note that this is not a live tracking device.


How will I know if or when my bag has been found?

GOLFDROP will be notified when the luggage has been found, we will then get in touch via email to the owner in order to reunite them with their luggage. You will also be able to view any communications on the BagTrakr section of your GOLFDROP account.

Can I change which bag the BagTrakr Tag is attached to?

Yes. This tag can be put on any bag and interchanged between all your luggage.

How do I associate my details to the BagTrakr Tag?

Your details will automatically be taken from your GOLFDROP account and associated to your BagTrakr tag. You can review your details by going on to the BagTrakr Tag section of your GOLFDROP account. Here you will also be able to select your chosen charity and allocate a reward amount you are offering to finders.

Whilst on the BagTrakr section you can also access your unique BagTrakr ID sheet for you to print out as many times as required. This is exactly the same as a BagTrakr tag however it is to be placed inside your bag, so that if your tag is removed then the finder can still be able to reunite the bag with it’s owner.

When you buy any additional tags your unique BagTrakr ID will be printed on the tags automatically.

How can I see where my luggage is with a BagTrakr tag?

A BagTrakr tag is not a live tracking device, instead a tag which will help lost luggage be reunited with its owner.


Where are my login details?

Your login details are your email address alongside the password you created with your first booking.  

If you can’t remember your password – follow the ‘forgotten my password’ link at the login stage – this will generate an email which you’ll be able to use to regain access to your account. If you’re still having any issues, please do get in touch via our online chat service, or email help@golfdrop.co.uk. 

What can I see on my GOLFDROP account?

Your GOLFDROP account is accessed by logging in using the ‘LOGIN’ button in the top right-hand corner of the GOLFDROP website. After signing in, you can access your account by pressing ‘Hi ‘YOURNAME”, again in the top right-hand corner. This will take you to your account dashboard. From here you will be able to access your upcoming and previous bookings with GOLFDROP, view any purchases you have made through the GOLFDROP shop and view a list of your tracking devices active with GOLFDROP.

How do I change my account details?

If you would like to change your details on your GOLFDROP account, go to the ‘Account Details‘ tab on the left-hand side of the page. Please click the text box you would like to edit and change the text as you wish. To save your changes you will need to type in your password into the ‘Current Password’ box and then click ‘Save Changes’.

How can I review my bookings?

Your bookings can be reviewed by clicking onto the Bookings tab on the left-hand side of your account page. Here you will see a list of your upcoming and previous bookings, they are listed by booking references and ‘arrival date at destination’. By clicking on ‘Review’ you will be taken to view the full details of the selected booking and have access to links to the printable labels for the inbound and outbound legs of your shipment.

I can’t find one of my bookings?

To find a specific booking on your account, use the search box above the table and enter the booking reference or the arrival date of the required shipment. If you cannot find one of your bookings on your account page, then please contact the GOLFDROP team via email help@golfdrop.co.uk or use the online chat service by sending your booking reference number.

I can’t make my discount code work?

Your discount code will only work when typed into the ‘Discount Code’ box during section three of the booking process. Your discount will show in section five, ‘Confirmation’ with the reduction from your booking. If this is not displayed then please contact the GOLFDROP team via email help@golfdrop.co.uk or use the online chat service and we will investigate this issue.

How can I become a GOLFDROP Affiliate?

You can enrol to become an affiliate of GOLFDROP by following this link: https://affiliates.golfdrop.co.uk/. Here you will need to sign up for a GOLFDROP account and then contact a member of the team who will be able to help you choose the most appropriate programme for your establishment. Please email the team to affiliates@golfdrop.co.uk.

Can I order a travel cover if I’m not shipping with GOLFDROP?

Yes of course. Using the GOLFDROP shop you can purchase a GOLFDROP travel bag.

Please note that bags which are purchased along with an organised shipment are sold with a promotional offer.


Who takes care of customs for the shipment?

If there are any issues with your package getting stopped in customs, GOLFDROP will assist in the recovery of your package and getting it back to you. However if a charge is applied to the shipment then the customer will be liable for this.

What is an Extended Area Surcharge?

Extended Area Surcharge, are applied to areas which are not within UPS’s destinations so they provide a extended area service. The additional cost is totally out of our control, it is determined by UPS and their Courier Partners.  This means that the price below will will be greater than our target price(s) for this country.  Note, the EAS charge is only levied in each shipment (not per bag).  As a result your cost cost will decrease (per bag) should you be able to increase the number of bags in this request.



How much does it cost to ship my clubs?

To ship your golf clubs within the UK from £25 per bag and for Europe from £35.


I am not a professional golfer, can I use GOLFDROP services?

Yes! Anyone can use GOLFDROP shipping and services.

Why should I use GOLFDROP and not an airline?

With the increasing cost of flying with baggage and the hassle of transporting your clubs to, around and from the airport. GOLFDROP offers a door to door service where your clubs will be delivered to your hotel or golf course ready for your arrival.

What do I do if my question isn’t listed?

If we haven’t thought of your question and included them in this list then please contact us either via email to help@golfdrop.co.uk or using the online web chat.

Will my tracker detect slow play?

No not yet… but we are working on it!