Drop Off at Access Point

You have chosen to take your equipment to a local ‘drop off point’, this means that you can choose the time you take the equipment and avoid missing the collection at your home or office.

We will still need to know your address to complete the booking, and of course if you have a return shipment then we need the address of where to return your clubs to. This again can be your home, office or other specified location.

Once you have booked your shipments then please follow these steps below:

  1. Find your nearest UPS access point using the drop off location finder. Please ensure that if you choose to drop off your clubs that you do this before 11am on the drop off date.
  2. Print off your shipping label(s) from either the email with the labels attached or from your GOLFDROP account.
  3. Take your golf equipment, correctly packed and with the relevant shipping labels to your chosen ‘drop off point’ by the cut-off time