Customer Support

GOLFDROP has been developed and established based on our passion for golf. We have experienced first-hand the hassles and inconvenience of travelling with your golf clubs.

We are well acquainted with how difficult it can be to deal with couriers, so we have removed the hassle for you in sending your clubs. By having the dedicated GOLFDROP team manage and monitor your clubs’ journey from door to door, we’ll remove the hassle of having to deal with couriers.

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Drop Off at Access Point

You have chosen to take your equipment to a local ‘drop off point’, this means that you can choose the time you take the equipment and avoid missing the collection at your home or office.

We will still need to know your address to complete the booking, and of course if you have a return shipment then we need the address of where to return your clubs to. This again can be your home,

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Complimentary Insurance

Because we know how loved your golf clubs are, we always want you to feel confident in the GOLFDROP service and in the knowledge that your clubs will be protected during transit. All our shipments include a complimentary £60 insurance cover, additional cover can be purchased during the booking form where you can choose a policy which covers up to £2500 at an additional cost. When did you last get cover like that from an airline operator?

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Rent a Smaller Car!

You have booked your flights, accommodation and tee times. You now have to organise getting from the airport to your accommodation. If there are four in your group, who will all be playing golf, then you will need to book a car that will have space for four people, four pieces of luggage and four sets of golf clubs. Based on our experience it will mean that you will need to either book two rental cars or have to shell out for a suitable minivan!

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Why your golf clubs are safer with GOLFDROP

Why your golf clubs are safer with GOLFDROP

Whether you’re a casual golfer or a pro, sending your clubs ahead of time with GOLFDROP when you’re planning on playing abroad is a no brainer. You won’t have to lug your golf bag around with you, or worry about paying extra for hold luggage and transport for your bags. More importantly, you won’t have to worry about losing your clubs on the way, either!

There are three main reasons your golf clubs are safer with GOLFDROP.

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