If you have opted to have your golf cubs collected by the courier, they will be picked up from your specified location on the date selected.

Before your equipment is collected you must ensure that your golf clubs have been packaged properly, the labels are attached and visible and the package is readily available for the driver to collect.
If you have chosen to drop your clubs off then you will need to find your nearest access points by using the UPS Access Points page.

If there are any issues with your collection; you need to change the pickup location or make amendments to the collection details then please contact a member of the GOLFDROP team as soon as possible to make the necessary changes.


From the moment that your clubs are collected or have been dropped off at your chosen access point, you will be able to track your clubs using the couriers Tracking ID.

The Tracking ID can be used on the live tracking page and will provide up to date information regarding the transit of your clubs. This information can also be shared with fellow golfers.

During European transits please do not be concerned if your shipment is shown to be tracked in a country other than the final destination.

GOLFDROP Trackers are available from the GOLFDROP shop, these are GPS devices that provide information on your clubs location throughout the world at any time. This is a system that is exclusively available from GOLFDROP.

BagTrakr Tags are exclusive to GOLFDROP. Unique tags are to be used to locate your bag should it go missing. They do not provide live tracking but are a useful tool for deterring theft.