Once you have created your booking, GOLFDROP will confirm the details via email with download links to print all your shipping labels.

If this is your first booking, GOLFDROP will also send you your registration details which can be used to login to the site. Here you can review your bookings and print off your travel labels at any time directly from your account.

Additionally all newly registered customers will receive the GOLFDROP welcome pack which includes your BagTrakr luggage tag along with plastic wallets for your shipping labels. We always recommend that you attach your shipping labels (in plastic wallets) and BagTrakr tag to your bag.

GOLFDROP automatically monitor your shipments – so if we believe you may be running low on plastic wallets it is likely that we will send you replacements. If you require any more BagTrakr tags then these will need to be purchased from our Shop.

Prepare your golf clubs

Your clubs will need to be packed in a golf travel cover, it is not suitable to send your clubs out in a golf bag with a rain hood on. Please be aware that our couriers will not accept clubs that are not packed in a suitable carrier.

If you do not have a suitable travel carrier for your clubs then travel covers can be purchased from the GOLFDROP shop.

If you wish to secure any of the internal or external zips or pockets then we strongly recommend that you use zip-ties rather than padlocks.

It is extremely important that you ensure that your golf travel cover is within the standard weight limit of 26kg.